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Happy Thursday!

I’m surprised that I got up as early as I did today.  It was 8:30am.  I went to bed by midnight, I think, but it was hours before I fell asleep.  Yet I was able to get up without much effort.  Yay!  Let’s see how long I last. LOL

Today we will be bringing Nora back home.  Two nights was enough for this girl (this girl, meaning me! lol).  I hope to have her for one night next week.  There is something fun going on at the Springvale library that I’d like her to be a part of.  Will let you know what it is if we do indeed do it.  Nothing major, but fun and cute.

I put together an odd Snippets video and uploaded that last night.  You can see that my brain is melting. My stress levels are high, but not really due to the kids (a little bit because of the kids, more than a little actually). My mother’s narcissistic antics are coming out full form. And no matter how used to it I am, it still brings me to my knees like the frightened 5  year old girl that I am.  I am a prisoner of my past, present and future.

Today we will be bringing Nora home.  Then Skylar and I have some cleaning up to do.  I really want us to start putting together stuff to bring to the our favorite thrift store for donation.  All proceeds of the Another Chance Thrift Store go to help homeless pets.  I wish knowing that made it easier to let stuff go, but it doesn’t really.  I’ve decided I’d rather just live with the regrets of getting rid of stuff.  After all, I’m very used to regrets.  Might as well just pile them on!

Not sure what else we’ll be doing today.  I’d love to hit the hay early.  It’s all I think about all day long, but when the darkness comes, my natural clock insists it’s time to be awake.

Quite tired. LOL

Have a great Thursday!  Darlene xoxo


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