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It’s Tuesday!

I had a fairly productive day yesterday. I got 3 of the 6 most important items on my to-do list done. That’s not half bad! lol

One thing I got done that was not even on my list was to put another item on ebay.  I have been with ebay since the year 2000, February 20, 2000, to be exact.  During these past 18 years, I have listed a gazillion items. And I loved listing at one penny with free shipping. I even listed many of my plus size tunics at that price.

I want to start regularly listing those fun penny auctions again!  At least for a little bit.  It’s a slow ass way of getting stuff out of my personal stash, but it’s at least a step in the right direction. As long as I’m at least getting enough overall bids to cover my postage and the ebay fees, I’m good with that.  And I really do get excited when someone wins something at a very low price!  Like I said, I look at the overall picture, so even if some stuff goes for practically nothing, I make up for it on other items. Expect more listings soon! I am going to try to list daily for a little bit!

As for today, still so many things to do. It never ends, not for me, not for you, not for anyone. Just. Never. Ends. Well, one day it will end for all of us. And the end better be a silent place for me! lol

I’m stressing out over my 10:45am appointment on Thursday. I have to leave the house at 10:am. That means I must get up at 8:00am just to wake up enough to drive. I know! I know! That’s not early to most people. But to me, I might as well be getting up at 2:00am, because that’s how hard it will be for me to get up at 8:00am. Just the fact that I have to set an alarm torments me.  I can’t even believe I’ve had to actually get up at 2:00am several times to fly out to see Skylar. So yes, it can be done. But yes, I hate it with a passion.

As it is, it’s almost 1:00pm as I type this and I’m still not fully awake. Ugh.

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