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Happy Tuesday!

It’s hot here in Sanford, Maine!  Even my mother is complaining about it! lol  It’s 81 in the house.  Time to put the ACs in the windows!

I was a busy girl yesterday.  First, I attempted to edit an ASMR video that required way too much editing so I gave up on it.  I was trying to make it sound binaural using multiple tracks.  That’s just not going to work for me.  I must buy a binaural mic.  However, I will attempt the multi track recording again because I don’t give up that easy.  So for those of you who like ASMR, hang in there!

I created a cute Hello Kitty Craft using an empty toilet paper tube!  It came out super cute!  I’ll be doing more of these crafts.  It’s now on my schedule!

I also uploaded another one of my older doodles.  I still have many to move over to my new channel.  At some point I’ll get back to doodling again.  But for now, I’m recycling the older doodles.

I really need to hit Walmart at some point.  Not sure if I’ll be doing that today.  I really don’t feel like going out.  That might wait until tomorrow.  I think I feel like sewing instead!

Have a great Tuesday!



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