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Happy Tuesday!

It’s election day!  I will be heading out to vote later.  If you go out to vote, just know I support your choice no matter what it is!  I talked about that a little bit in my video last night, 5 More Random Facts You Never Need to Know About Me.

And if you don’t vote, that’s your choice too. I love that we are allowed to make that decision.  I only wish we could all be granted the freedom to share the choices we make without others making us feel like we are wrong simply because our choice is different than theirs, you know what I mean, jelly bean?  It’s your choice. Yours.  No one can take that away from you! Do what you want. I respect your choice.

’nuff ’bout that.  Not sure what else I’ll be doing today. My mother will have 3 of her aides here today, so that means my hermit life will be disrupted, but for a good reason. My mother currently loves her helpers and that makes it all good.

If you are a newbie Shaw’s shopper, I made a very quick video on how to shop their upcoming Crazy 8’s Sale. You can watch that here. You can also see the new Shaw’s flyer here and the deals I’ve posted so far here.

I will be making a video soon about how I clean my remote control. I’ve been able to make an old remote work like new, so if you are curious about that, be sure you subscribe to my youtube channel so you don’t miss it!

Have a great Tuesday!



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