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Tuesday Chat – It’s Snowing, Mother’s Quilt, ZC Chat, Skirt & Tote on eBay

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Happy Tuesday!

It’s snowing!  But certainly not like some have been making it sound. I don’t know what weather channel my mother watches, but they had her scared! lol I don’t care how much is snows at this point because we are getting near the very end of it all.  I don’t mind at all if I’m housebound for a week or two.  Let it snow!  But just for the record, I have never, ever, not been able to get out of the house during any snow storm. I don’t understand why people feel they have to shop like they will be trapped for a month.  I can understand if maybe you live out in the boonies. But once the plow goes by, you are free!

Yesterday, I worked on my mother’s quilt some more.  I hope to finish that today or tomorrow.  And what mistakes I have made!  It is becoming a project that I’m not enjoying at all.  And this is why I hate to custom make stuff.  It becomes such a daunting task instead of something fun.

Yesterday, I uploaded a quick chat about why I am ending my What I Ate Yesterday blog series. You can learn why I will no longer by showing you my meals here.

I also uploaded a quickie video about my most current eBay auction.  You can see the auction here!

I realized I still have to do the unboxing and review of my new copper pan!  I will try to get that done soon.  And I have a few other fun videos planned, so stay tuned!

Have a great Tuesday!



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