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Happy Tuesday!

Did I ever mention how much I love Louis CK?  Just love him!  Major crush on the guy.  Never thought to watch him on Youtube while trying to wind down after a long day.  That’s what I did last night.  I fell asleep to the filth that comes out of his mouth.  It was like a lullaby!  It’s sooooooo my kind of humor!

Yesterday was a chill day for me.  I took some time to do laundry and dishes.  But I did manage to upload my Youtube Earnings for the first two weeks of April.  How did I do?  You much watch to find out!

Today, not sure what I have up my sleeve.  I’d like to record a few things, but not stuff that takes forever to edit.  I’m sure I’ll come up with something.  A TP Roll craft might be in my immediate future. And I really want to do another craft concoction video!  Oh, I should totally do one of those videos when I visit Skylar!  That would be so fun!

Not too much else to say right now.  Just want to get this gray day started!  I hate to waste a gray day!

Have a great Tuesday!
Darlene XOXO


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