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Happy Tuesday everyone!

I had to check my calendar to see if I had the correct day!  Every day is the same for me. Get up late. Work. Go to bed late. And in there somewhere, I think about all the cleaning I could be doing! lol

Last night I did a relaxation video, one that was relaxing to me. I showed you some of the paper beads I made for Skylar. I’m trying to fill a basket with beads for her. I hope she loves them!!!

And if you didn’t catch the latest pet montage, please go check it out! I’ll have a new one up soon!

I have no idea what I will feel like recording today. And not sure if I’ll be leaving the house. I could maybe answer some more questions, if I dare! lol  Or let me know on this facebook post what you’d like to see!

Have a great Tuesday!



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