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Tuesday Chat – Picking Up Derrick and Skylar Today! Read Comments Last Night! BFTP (picking up D & S last year)

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Happy Tuesday!

Today is the big day!  I will be leaving the house shortly to pick up Derrick and Skylar at the Portland Jetport.  I can’t wait to see them!  Even though I do visit them usually 3 times per year in Memphis, I love it so much when Derrick is here.  But he’s only here for one night.  We take him back to the airport tomorrow.

I am taking the cameras with me. I think I did that last year too?  I can’t remember if I did a Ride Along or not when I picked them up.  I hope to do that today.  (I did it last year, Blast From the Past video is below!)  Whether or not I’ll have time to edit anything tonight is unknown.  I actually thought about letting Skylar help me edit.  That would be way more time consuming, but I think she would love doing it and it would be teaching her something.  I am going to ask her if she would also like to start blogging.  I can teach her on this blog!

Before I run out the door, just want to mention that I uploaded a I Read My Youtube Comments video last night.  I will try very hard to have content every day on my channel, but if not, no biggie.  No way I’ll really be able to keep that pace up over the next few weeks.  But it’s my goal.  Something to aim for.

I just remembered that I also have a Tipster Tuesday video pre-recorded that I need to publish!  It’s about the importance of good thumbnails.  Hang on… okay, I just did it.  You can see that video here!

Gott go!  Yay!

Have a great Tuesday!  Darlene xoxo

Blast from the Past Video
Uploaded June 13, 2016
(when I picked up Derrick and Skylar last year)
I just watched a few minutes of this and it was a ride along with only a glimpse of Derrick and Skylar at the very end.  I’ll try to capture them more this time around!


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