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Happy Tuesday!

It’s a beautiful gray and rainy day here in Sanford!  It’s about time I get a day that I love!  And I really needed it today.  Just so down and out by the comments I got on my most recent Zero Carb Chat video.  I did not let the comments go through because I am trying hard to keep my channel less negative. Part of me wants to let all the hate come through so I can have a cat fight.  The smarter side of me says just let the comments through and ignore them. But I can’t ignore. I’m not the ignoring type. So I delete the stuff that makes me want to scream or cry.

I will never understand why anyone feels it’s okay to put their opinions on someone else’s platform. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. But it’s not necessary to use someone else’s platform to share them. That’s NOT what social media is for.  It’s for being social, not hurtful. If you want to hurt someone, do it on your own platform.  Let my platform be my safe place.  end of rant

On another negative note, I watched a documentary last night about the Osmond family.  It was recorded in 2003. What a sad life they had. You can tell just by they way they reflect on their lives.  I feel their pain.  Not having a normal childhood (or normal adult life) can really mess someone up.  It really was a life of abuse for them.

On a more upbeat note, I uploaded block #11 of the Quilt Block Party yesterday.  I liked it, but not exactly how I expected it to turn out.  But I do still like it.

Tonight is trash night.  I must remember to drag the garbage and recycling to the road.  Funny how such a simple task can get me so down.  My father never complained about it.  I do.

Have a great Tuesday!



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