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Tuesday Chat – Shoe Fashion Show, Pet Montage, Online Deals

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yesterday, I had a fun time at Marden’s trying on shoes!  And it seems many of you enjoyed the fashion show! lol  I hope to be doing more videos like this.  It was fun to record and fun to edit!

Tonight’s video will be a Pet Montage!  I’m so anxious to upload this first one.  I know I did a pet montage last fall, but that one was not planned, so tonight’s video is the first that I requested photos specifically for a montage. And boy oh boy, did you ever respond!  I got tons of photos, like close to 200 now!  I hope the pet montage can be a regular feature. If you like the videos, I’ll be happy to keep creating them!

There is sunshine today for my sun-loving Mainers!  Not sure how much of the state has sun, but it’s shining bright in Sanford!  I need blackout drapes!!! lol

Be sure you check out the Online Deals!  My team is looking for peanut items now for my peanut gallery!!!

Have a great Tuesday!



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