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Happy Tuesday!

Today is one week since Skylar has been here.  It’s already going by too fast!  I have so many things planned and we have not even tapped in to those tasks yet, like sorting toys for donation.  How much you want to be we don’t get that done?  Hard for me to part with stuff.

Let me tell you what Skylar is mega excited about!  Her cousin Nora is coming today for a two night sleepover! That’s if all things go as planned.  And I hope to have her at least one or two nights per week during Skylar’s stay.  Slumber party for the girls! And that includes me! lol

Yesterday, Skylar and I did not do much during the day.  We crafted and she napped.  Then we went out and I recorded a Snippets video of our adventures.  And I ended my day by eating stinky wings.  And I guess it’s not my imagination because others left comments that they think those Tyson wings are funky too!

I’m quite sure Skylar will have something on my channel with Nora here.  I love to edit Skylar’s videos when I’m not a part of them. So fun to see what they come up with!  Please subscribe to Skylar’s World so you won’t miss out!

I have a Tipster Tuesday video pre-recorded so let me go publish that right now… DONE!  This one is about the importance of Watch Time.  You can see it here.

I must jump in the shower and get this day started.  Skylar wants to play cards.  We make up all the games we play.  So fun!  I really should record some of those games.  There are times we make up one that we absolutely love but then next time we are together, we can’t remember it.  A video would be helpful!

Have a great Tuesday!  Darlene xoxo


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