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Tuesday Chat – Skylar’s Summer Trip Booked!!! TP Roll Frog, Possible Upcycled Fashions Today? Not Sure.

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Happy Tuesday!

I feel like such a slouch for not having an Upcycled Fashions uploaded in over a week. This is why I hate so much to go on vacations.  It screws me up not only while I’m away, but even before I go.   I get so wound up before traveling that it takes me a week just to mentally prepare.  Then a week when I get back to recover. lol  I know I’m not the only person who goes through this.  But for those of you who actually enjoy vacations, it must sound quite odd.

Since I’m on the subject of screwing up my schedule, guess what I did last night?  I booked the flights for Skylar’s summer vacation in Maine! I’ll have her from June 13 thru July 19.  Talk about really getting me out of my comfort zone! LOL  But I do it just the same because I love that girl so much.  I just hope she’s okay with coming again this year.  I know as she gets older, spending 5 weeks in Maine might not always sound like a good idea.  She gets home sick more and more each year.  That means I need to give her more of my time, which I certainly do.  It’s full on craft time and puzzle making and card games and shopping and lots of adventures when she’s here.  Oh, and hair cutting and hair dyeing too.  Mine, not hers. lol

Yesterday, I uploaded another Toilet Paper Tube Craft.  This one is a happy frog! I like who it came out. You can see it here.

I have no idea what I will be doing today.  All I know is I’m anxious for Thursday so I can be on the plane and not be so stressed out about this trip.  Once I’m on the plane, I know that anything I didn’t get done… well, it’s to late to get it done. So I tend to relax more.  Until I get off the plane.  Then there’s a whole new list of stuff that needs to get done! lol

Maybe I’ll tackle an easy Upcycled Fashions today.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

Have a great Tuesday!
Darlene XOXO

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