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VIDEO – Tag Along with Me to Shaw’s – And Can You Please Pass Me the Tissues?

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This video is way more about me and my anxiety and depression than it is about Shaw’s, though I did manage to show you the few things I bought. If you watch it until the end, just think about the irony of how when I got home, I had the absolute WORST flyer day ever. Everything went wrong with the scanning process and it took me forever to finish. And I had to deal with that in the state of mind I was in.  It’s almost comical now, now that I have rested. What a day this was!


Tag Along with Me to Shaw’s!
And Can You Please Pass Me the Tissues?


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1 comment to VIDEO – Tag Along with Me to Shaw’s – And Can You Please Pass Me the Tissues?

  • Lisa

    Darlene, what you’re feeling is completely normal. You look about the same age as me (49) and I’m in peri menopause. I finally went to my Dr. and told her about how I feel like my hormones are all over the place. I go from depressed to anxious in just moments. She gave me some meds. They seem to be helping. It may be an option for you to see your Dr. Maybe he or she could prescribe something that will help with both anxiety and depression. I know I feel much better. Hope this comment helps.