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VIDEO – Tag Along with Me to Shaw’s and Watch Me Cry Some Stressful Tears

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This was a very stressful Monday for me!  I think I might need medication to get myself to Shaw’s next week. lol I just feel like I am such a big pain in their ass.  I kept my cool at the store and don’t think I came across as anything other than nice, but I was just so stressed about them not wanting to give me the flyer.

Then when I was told I COULD have the flyer, that made it almost worse that I had to be all stressed out for nothing. And it’s the way they say things that I hate. It’s like they just want me to go away. I don’t feel welcome at all in that store any more. Not. At. All. I’m probably just being paranoid, but gee wiz, it would be nice if they didn’t have attitude.

Kid alert – I let the S word slip in this video. I know some of you let your kids watch so I just want to let you know.


Tag Along with Me to Shaw’s and

Watch Me Cry Some Stressful Tears


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