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Wednesday Chat

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It’s Wednesday!

I have been a busy girl!  But before I get started with what I’ve been up to, I want to report that my mother’s tooth extraction on Monday went well.  We were both exhausted after that outing (stress and lack of sleep) and I pretty much took the rest of the day off.  I did, however, reupload an old doodle from almost 3 years ago. 

One of these days I will start doodling again. But I think I want to get all my old doodles on my main channel first.  I barely knew how to use my camera when I was doodling and knew nothing about changing the settings for the lighting. And I would doodle over a period of several days and different times of the day or night, so the lighting was different each time.  I think I will do a much better job when I start doodling again. Also, I’ll do more close-ups!

I would love a series on How to Doodle.  One of these days!  That actually might be good for my ASMR channel!  Even those who don’t like ASMR would probably be okay with doodling lessons in a soft spoken voice as long as they get to learn something.  I might try that soon (it’s now on my list).  I plan on recording a new ASMR video tonight with very crinkly sounds for my crinkle lovers!  I just hope I didn’t put my very important crinkle supplies (a cookie package, lol) in the recycling bin that went out by the road last night.  Must check… phew!  I still have it!

Yesterday, I worked on my little crocheted tote bag some more. I expect to wrap that up today and upload, so you can expect that video later.  I also uploaded a Darlene’s Concoctions video, Extra Crispy Oven Baked Bacon!  New addiction. This is going to be more popular with me than the beef jerky I make.  You’ll also see my typical lunch in the bacon video.  If you want a more indepth update of how my life is going while being Zero Carb, those updates are now on Patreon.  I’d love to have you as one of my most awesome patrons!

I also got a few more listings done for my upcoming Fabric Frenzy on March 3. You need to be a member of my Peanut Gallery facebook group to be part of that. You can join here!  I hope to get more listed today.  I really need to work on that daily at this point because I got behind for a little bit. lol

That’s about it for now!  I must get my busy day started!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Darlene


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