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Wednesday Chat – Quilt Block Party, More Rain, Lazy Day Today

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Happy hump day everyone!

I think it has rained 3 days in a row. How totally cool is that?  Totes cool!  Just nature’s way of getting the soil ready for all the gardens soon to come.  I have no clue what I’m saying. lol  It’s raining. That’s all I know.

I leave for Memphis tomorrow.  I wish my flight was a bit earlier. Not 5:00am early.  Been there, done that!  But my flight is only at 5:00pm and a bit earlier would have been nice. I’ll just be fussing around all day waiting for the time to come.  Who knows, maybe I’ll record and upload a video while waiting. I’ve very good at working until the last possible moment. lol

Yesterday, I knocked out a quilt block for the Quilt Block Party!  And when I say knocked out, I mean it still took me over 3 hours from the time I started until it was published on youtube. And that does not include my down time, like lunch, running to the store, and whatever.  I might attempt another one today. Might not.

Ouch!  Just totally burned my entire mouth on hot water. OUCH!!!

Have a great Wednesday!
Darlene xoxo

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