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Happy hump day everyone!

I’m stressing out!  I know I will not be able to stick to my schedule at all while Skylar is here and you know how much I hate change in my routine.  Yes, I freely admit that I’m a workaholic. Business is what I feel safe and comfortable doing. And although I know there will still be plenty of content for my channel while Skylar is here, it will be all over the place.  I can’t really see myself working on Upcycled Fashions or Quilt Projects while she’s here because those are way too time consuming.  Tag Alongs, Crafts, Concoctions (both food and crafts) and Skylar Dyeing My Hair are all in the plans, but it takes so much time to edit.  And Skylar is a night owl like me, so it’s not like she’s asleep at 8:00pm so I can work.

I know, I know.  I can hear you now.  Take time off and enjoy your granddaughter!  I do enjoy her. But I’m not built to leave my work behind. It’s my work.  I love my work too.  And my rigid routine is good for my mental health.  But with that said…

… my mental health is so much better since I started eating only meat. This will be my first summer with Skylar with no plant life in my belly to mess me up.  Not bogged down with all that. No depression. No physical pain. But still plenty of anxiety and lack of sleep.  I have not found a cure for those things yet.

Anyway, I’m typing all this to just get it off my chest, using my blog for what a blog was used for way back when blogs were born. lol   Trust me when I say I’m not looking for advice and certainly not open to judgmental opinions about family first and the evils of being a workaholic.  I’m the only one who knows what’s best for me.  And I would never for a wild minute have Skylar here for 5.5 weeks every summer if I didn’t want to do it.

Yesterday, I uploaded three videos!  I started out with a Sneak Peek of the Fat Eighths of flannel that I sent out on Tuesday.  Then I knocked out a Tipster Tuesday video showing how to Add the Branding Watermark to your Youtube Videos. And after much testing, it DOES work the way I hoped and it let’s people sub to your channel without leaving your video (just does not work if you are trying to sub to your own channel). Last but not least, I ended the day with a Chunky Paper Bead Tutorial.  Do love!

Today, Walmart?  Don’t know. The shopping list is long!  I never left the house yesterday.  I will try to get out today.

As for videos, if I do manage to go out, I’ll take you with me.  So that’s a video right there. lol  And I really need to work on an upcycled fashion before Skylar comes.  I don’t know.  It’s all making me very nervous.  I just need to take a shower and get dressed and start my day. I’ll feel better after brushing my teeth. lol

Have a great Wednesday!

Darlene xoxo

Uploaded June 17, 2016
(that time Skylar and I did the $5.00 DT Challenge)


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