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It’s Wednesday.

My brain is fried. I could not sleep last night. Too many thoughts were running through my mind. It was a tossing and turning nightmare.  I considered getting up and working but I knew I didn’t have the mindset for that. I finally slept a bit this morning.

Now it’s past 2:00pm and I am not even dressed yet. Must jump in the shower then start this day.  This is so not how I planned things.  But all is not lost. I’m sure I can get a few things done. One is recording for ASMR. That’s on the top of my list.

Yesterday, I finally uploaded a quilt top video!  It had been over 4 months since I tackled anything quilty. It felt so good to have that video on my channel. I know many of my subscribers miss my crafty side. I was hoping my mood for those videos would come back, and it did! Much more to follow!

I was also able to record for patrons last night. I gave an update on my struggles with my primary care doctor. I really feel I need to shop for another doctor, but I hate to do that in the middle of surgeries and stuff. Just a hot mess. It’s no wonder I don’t sleep.

I need to take my shower before it starts to get dark. lol  I love that it’s getting dark earlier. I can’t wait until it’s pitch black by 5:00pm. I come alive when that happens.

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