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Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am up so late today. I slept off and on until 1:00pm and even then, I did not want to get up. Found myself staring at the ceiling. It took every bit of energy to force myself to get up. I just get like this. Depression. Even with Prozac, it cycles. But the Prozac helps it to not get too bad.

I did not record any videos yesterday except for my Daily Update and a Nightcap. It’s funny how I don’t consider those “videos” even though they actually are. lol  I even answered a question in my Nightcap about whether or not I drank during my pregnancy. I’m surprised that only one person asked me that! As usual, I answered honestly!

I will be doing a Daily Update later, but no idea what other type of video I’ll do. Might be another relaxing one, like maybe showing you quilt blocks that I made. I might be up to doing that!

Have a great Wednesday!



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