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Wednesday Chat – Dipping in Chocolate, Scrappy Transformations, Play Dough Recipe, Exhausted

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Happy hump day everyone!

Skylar has already been here for an entire week.  It really is going by fast!  She had her cousin Nora for a sleepover last night and Nora will be here again tonight.  I hope to have her next week too for one or two nights.  They are the same age. Skylar is just one month older.  Makes it so nice that they get to be together a little bit during the summer.

The girls Dipped Stuff in Chocolate last night and I turned that into a quick video for Skylar’s channel.

I was able to upload my Tipster Tuesday video that I had pre-recorded.  This one is about Watch Time.

And Skylar asked me to make a pair of undies for one of her teddy bears. So I did!  And I turned that into a video too.  I think that was the start to a new Scrappy Transformations series!

Today I have my mother’s new personal aide coming over (been waiting well over a year for EIM to find someone!!!).  When she leaves, I’m taking the girls out to Dollar Tree then we’ll stop by somewhere for milk.  Might hit a park too, depends on how hot it is out there.

I need to keep them entertained for a bit before we go out.  I’ll be making them this play-dough recipe that Skylar and I tested and loved and that should satisfy them for at least an hour, maybe more!

Not sure what else is on the agenda.  I hope early bedtime?  LOL  At least for me!  I’m completely exhausted!!!

Have a great Wednesday!  Darlene xoxo


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