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Wednesday Chat – I Hope to Hit Marden’s Today

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It’s Wednesday.

And it’s hot. The kids are getting out of school early due to the heat. Some areas called school off entirely. No air conditioning for schools in Maine. At least not for grade school. At least not that I know of. So it’s too hot for the kiddos. It’s funny, in the south they call off school if there is a light dusting of snow. In the north east it’s because it’s too hot and humid.

I don’t know how hot it is because I have the AC and fans running. But I need to go out for a bit to do a daunting task. I figure after that task, I’ll hit marden’s for just a bit. No AC in marden’s so I just keep it quick. And quick is exactly what I want because I have a fabric frenzy tomorrow and I have lots of last minute stuff to do.

I uploaded a Tag Along video yesterday. I took you shopping with me inside walmart then I ranted about how people drive me frigging crazy. And yes, people are ignoring my requests of giving me silence. But I 100% know when I ask for things like no comments, no emails, no messages that they comment just to piss me off. That’s exactly what I’m after. What those trolls don’t realize is I simply hide their comments from public view. Only that particular person can see their comment, as long as they are logged in. So it still counts as engagement for me and helps my videos. I tell my patrons all the time that every single thing I do is calculated. Every choice I make for my channel is planned. Haters and trolls give me plenty of content and they are pretty fucking loyal viewers. I use that to my benefit. P.S. Don’t tell them that. lol

Speaking of patrons, I have been getting a shitload of new patrons lately. Welcome and thank you to all who jumped on board! I hope to record for patrons tonight. Something fun and silly.  I need fun and silly right about now.

Here’s what I have on the blog since my last update…

Oh, ebay has a glitch and the most recent penny auctions that I listed last night are not showing up in my Items List. Please check them out so you don’t miss them!

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Tuesday Chat – I Just Got Back from Walmart (video later)

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