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It’s Wednesday!

And it’s raining. Puts me in the best work mood evah!  And I’m surprised that my mood is good because I got very little sleep. Then when I was finally getting some shut eye this morning, the phone woke me at 8:00am.  I stayed up because I need to get up at 8:00am tomorrow for an appointment. I’m using today as a trial run. lol

I have already been super productive!  I listed some new penny auctions on ebay, I published a new asmr video (crinkles… my favorite!), I got lots of stuff posted on my blog and updated my sidebars (I try to do that once per week), and now I’m about to cook haddock for my mother.

Oh, oh, OH! I was mega excited to get a text from Derrick last night that my Scrappy Afghan video was ready for me to publish!  He did the editing for me. I am sooooo happy to have his help with this. Love that we are working together. Editing for me is NOT an easy task because there is so much shit that needs to get cut out like long pauses and multiple retakes.  He has been instructed to leave in whatever swearing I happen to do, or he can cut out some if my mouth is extra potty. lol

And speaking of potty mouth, I actually recorded a fun video for patrons last night!  I’m so happy my love for the fun stuff is coming back.  I went through a seriously hard time with youtube a little while back, as I’m sure many of you remember because it’s all I talked about.  I had totally lost my love for recording.  Now it’s coming back.  I really think turning all youtube comments off for a couple of months helped me get the rest I needed from the constant noise.  I’ve been leaving some comments on now, but the minute it gets too loud for me, then off they go again so I can rest. I need to do whatever it takes to make youtube a fun place for me. Can’t quit my job yet!

Now I have a gazillion things to do! Must get started!

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