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Happy hump day everyone!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic middle of the week!  I’m up earlier that I want to be.  Just did not sleep enough. Not sure if I’ll make it to Walmart today or not.  Just not going to worry about it!  I have so many things to do that as long as I keep busy, I’ll be happy.

Yesterday I had fun with two new series for my channel!  One is a Random Facts Trivia Quiz series where I take quizzes online and you can play along too!  The other is where I take random shit and sew it, glue it, paint it, or whatever!  I recorded my first episode of Can I Sew This Shit where I put newspaper to the test!  I think that series is going to be very fun for me and hopefully entertaining for you.

Today, I’d love to do a Tag Video that was tossed out there as a challenge by Courtney with Love.  I have not done a tag for a long time!  And I really must come up with another Crafty Concoction.  Those are just two f the probably 20 videos I’d love to create today.  If I can at least do those two, I’ll be happy!

If I do manage to go out today, I will be taking my camera with me.  And if I don’t get out today, then soon.  Hang in there!

Have a great Wednesday!



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