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Happy hump day everyone!

I survived night one of Skylar’s vacation!  Barely.  I was super tired last night from having to get up early (yes, 9:30am is too early for me).  We were busy with crafting until 8:00pm.  That is my cutoff time for crafts.  We have to have everything cleaned up and put away by 8:00pm.  If we do anything after that, it has to be something easy and clean, like playing cards or make a puzzle.  Just don’t want to clean up paint. lol

Then Skylar fell asleep at 9:30pm which was wonderful.  I thought.  I started editing the Ride Along to the Portland Jetport video.  Those videos are an editing nightmare due to the two cameras.  I had over 1.5 hours of footage total.  I cut it down to about 15 minutes.  I was finally done working on that at 2:30am.  I went to bed and fell asleep around 3:30am.  Skylar was up and wide awake at 4:00am.  It was pure torture.  I could not keep my eyes open and at one point I woke up to her dripping water from a straw on to my face.  It actually felt kind of good.  I fell asleep with a soaking wet face.  This back and forth went on for 3 hours.  She wanted french toast. I was not cooking.  I remembered that they had some PB&J wraps so she had that then I insisted she lay back down. She slept.  I slept off and on until 10:00am.  I’m a mess.

We leave for the airport a bit later then Skylar and I plan on hitting Market Basket on the way home to pick up a few groceries and ingredients for concoctions.  Tonight I must be in bed by midnight the latest.  Even if Skylar is wide awake (which she will be since she slept late today), she can just watch TV.  I hope so much I can sleep.

Yesterday’s Ride Along video is here.  I also recorded some footage of stuff we did at the house.  I have not had time to start editing that.  I hope to do that today.  But when??? lol



Have a great Wednesday!

Darlene xoxo

Uploaded June 17, 2016
(that time Skylar and I did the $5.00 DT Challenge)


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