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Wednesday Chat – Tag Along, New Poll, Late Night with Duct Tape!

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Happy hump day everyone!

The main thing on my mind today is that I  have to take my mother to her follow up appointment for her skin cancer surgery tomorrow.  But, I’m not nearly as stressed out as I was for the actual surgery appointment last week which was in the morning. Her appointment tomorrow is at 1:45pm.  How delightful!  And I’m sure it won’t be long and I’ll be back home in no time.  I hope!  And I hope my mother’s follow up goes well.  I’m very concerned about her nose.

Yesterday, I was a video recording beast!!!  I started out with a Tag Along to Walmart so I could pick up my hair dye for this weekend’s Watch Me Dye My Hair video.  I was at the store BEFORE NOON!  That is almost unheard of in my world!

Then I posted a fun poll about my quilt blocks.  This poll is to pick your favorites out of the first 5 blocks I made.  I will be doing polls for each group of 5 until all 20 are complete.  Just very curious to see which blocks my peanut gallery likes best to help me know what to do more of in the future!  PLEASE VOTE!

Last but not least, I recorded a late night duct tape craft that nearly wore me out! lol  I worked on that craft and the editing all night.  I think it was around 4:00am when I was finally ready to upload it to Youtube.  But my Duct Tape Tote Bag came out awesome!  Please check it out!

Tonight, I hope to have a Crafty Concoction uploaded.  I started the project 2 days ago and I think the clay might be fully dry now.  And I also need to start my next Upcycled Fashions video.  This job is just way too much fun!

Have a great Wednesday!



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