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Walmart Sewing Clearance!

My Favorite Clear Nylon Thread

My Favorite Cutting Mat

I Love This Stick Rotary Cutter!

Set of 10 45mm Rotary Cutter Blades!

This Paper Trimmer is Awesome!

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Wednesday Chat – Tag Along to Walmart, Doodle Reload, Bead Auctions Today!!!

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Happy hump day everyone!

I started working on my newest upcycled fashion yesterday.  So far, I deconstructed the two shirts that I’m using and today I plan on staring at that fabric for hours trying to decide what to do with it. lol  Actually, I have an idea, but it won’t be the long, free-flowing hippie skirt I envisioned.  I’d need way more fabric for that.  So that can be a future project!

I did take you to Walmart with me yesterday!  I needed to go out for hair dye and a few other things.  Watch the video to see what I bought!

Then I also uploaded one of my older doodles to my main channel and did a bit more editing on it.  I also added close up pics at the end, but I kept the same music because I like it and it seems to match that doodle so nicely.  You can watch that fast-speed doodle here!

And guess what???  My bead auctions for March will be live today at 4:00pm eastern!  I don’t know what time you’ll be reading this post, but be sure you check out my auctions after 4pm!

Tomorrow I have to get up super early to take my mother to the dermatologist in Biddeford.  You have no clue how much we are both dreading this appointment.  It’s a lot for her to do and it’s so incredibly hard for me to get up early.  I hate it.  I will want to scream and cry all day.  All I look forward to is getting back home and crashing.  I hope I can still get some work done.

Have a great Wednesday!



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