My Coupon Addiction


Hello!  It’s me, Darlene!  Welcome to my blog!

If you think clipping coupons is a big waste of time, I’m here to convince you that you are wrong!  I was once the biggest skeptic. No one was going to convince me that I could save money with coupons.  After all, coupons are all for brand name items and even with a coupon, they still cost more, right? Wrong again!

I started couponing in May of 2011. I was prompted to give it a try when I read this blog post over at I Love to Gossip. That post, dated May 20, 2011, told me that I could get free Vlasic relish at Shaw’s.  Hmmmm… my mother loves relish. I love free!

I printed 4 coupons using my 2 computers then I ran to the store.  I was sure I’d come home empty handed. I just didn’t see how it could possibly work!   The relish was indeed on sale for $1 each.  The coupons were for 55¢ off.  I bought four jars and sure enough, after the coupons doubled, I got four jars of relish for FREE!

But, that was only four jars of relish. Surely I was not going to go far on that. I drove home happy, just the same.  And I checked Chrystie’s blog several times a day. There always seemed to be more coupons, more great deals. Wacky Mac for pennies a bag. Raisin Bran for 59 cents a box. Salad dressing just 25 cents each. In a very short time, I had a pantry full of food.  It soon spilled over to a bedroom.

That’s how I started couponing. It all started with relish!

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You can see some of my very early shopping trips here… all when I was a newbie!

9 awesome items from Hannaford for only 65¢ total

First trip I was super duper happy about ’cause I got Gorton’s

$125.03 for just $5.97 and that includes cream and fresh berries

$100.50 for just $3.25… first time I try sorbet!

Just a few things for a couple bucks!

Whoopie!  Look at all I got for only $10.98… 9 items were FREE!!!

Hannaford road trip!!!  Hit 5 Hannaford’s and got ALL THIS for under $3.00

How I spent a Sunday afternoon and only spent $2.11

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