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What I Ate Yesterday – 104 Days of Living Zero Carb

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zero carb darlene michaud meat only diet

Eat Meat!  Drink Water!  Get Rest!
(those are the words I live by)

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Yesterday – Tuesday 2/28 – Day 104

When I got up, I had my usual chug jug of hot water.

At 3:15pm, I ate off the plate you see above.  I cooked a nice, big, juicy hamburger patty with some cut up bacon ends.  Then I cooked some sliced beef in the same pan using the grease that the ground beef and bacon left behind.  This was some eff’in awesome!!!  But I did not eat it all.  I ate maybe half and saved the rest for later.

Have you watched me doodle yet???

At 9:00pm, I cooked some more ground beef then added some of the leftovers above and also added some chicken breast leftovers.  And I had mustard on my plate this time.  I had a full plate and devoured it.

At 12:45am, I ate the rest of my deli roast beef.

Food that entered my mouth yesterday:  sliced beef, ground beef, bacon, chicken, deli roast beef, mustard and lots of delicious water.

IMPORTANT – My doctor totally approves of this!!! See this vlog to see how my appointment went!

My Zero Carb Video Playlist

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This is the article that I stumbled upon by Kelly Hogan which got me immensely excited.   And this is Kelly’s blog.

PLEASE READ: Please remember that it’s MY CHOICE to eat the way I want. If you think this is unhealthy, know I’m not as concerned with physical health. I’m more concerned with my mental health. I’m on a mission to feel better mentally… without cravings!!! I’m willing to test this so you don’t have to! But what works for me might not work for you. I’m not doing this to lose weight. I’m doing this because I’m convinced that I’m overly sensitive to carbs and that I must stay away from them if there is any chance of me feeling better. I’m eating from the animal kingdom only, like the complete opposite of vegan. I know this upsets many, but I promise I won’t eat your pets. You are free to follow my progress/failures and you can even disagree with what I do. Just remember that I will get the last word because it’s my blog, my channel, my life! That’s the new me talking! (I think I’m growing balls! Let me look… yes, I see one starting to grow!)


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