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I’m currently going through a sad time, and I know some may be wondering if that will change the way I’m eating.  No, it will not.  Eating this way has been life changing for me and I know consuming any amount of carbs would make my current life struggles unimaginable for me. And I will not be eating carbs for Thanksgiving. I’m too thankful for this way of eating to punish myself with anything else.


Yesterday – Wednesday 11/23 – Day 7

It’s official, I’m in love with this way of eating!!!  I’ve had an inflamed knee that has been painful for over a year now, with no relief. About 3 days ago, I could feel the pain going away. Now, all the pain is gone and the redness and swelling are gone too!  I’ve learned that an animal kingdom diet is awesome for inflammation, and it has certainly worked for me!

When I got up, I had coffee with heavy cream. I do that every day.

Around 2:00pm, I ate most of the meal you see above (food list is below). It looks very much like my usual meal, but there is one BIG difference!  I’m now eating on a pie plate!  I love to pour the juice of my meat from the pan onto my plate. But when I sit to eat (I eat sitting on the couch), I use my boob shelf (lol) as my table and any bit of movement allows the broth to slip off my plate and onto the food-catching boobs.  I solved that problem with a pie plate! No more bacon fat on my clothing! Please, someone give me an award for this brilliant idea! lol

At 5:00pm, I had a cup of decafe with a bit of heavy cream. I did that yesterday and also the day before. It’s like a very special treat that I am quite sure I’ll stick to, at least through the winter. I can do it iced during the summer.

At 8:00pm, I grabbed leftovers from above and just munched on them cold, with some roast beef too and a piece of turkey that just came out of the oven. Yum!

At 1:30am, I ate some more turkey until full. I can’t sleep if my tummy is wanting some food, so I fed it.

Food that entered my mouth yesterday:  beef (ground, eye round, rump roast, deli roast), pork (rib, bacon), turkey (white and dark), butter, heavy cream, light cream, coffee, water.  And some tears.

You can watch THIS VIDEO to learn why I’m doing this.

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This is the article that I stumbled upon by Kelly Hogan which got me immensely excited.   And this is Kelly’s blog.

PLEASE READ: Please remember that it’s MY CHOICE to eat the way I want. If you think this is unhealthy, know I’m not as concerned with physical health. I’m more concerned with my mental health. I’m on a mission to feel better mentally… without cravings!!! I’m willing to test this so you don’t have to! But what works for me might not work for you. I’m not doing this to lose weight. I’m doing this because I’m convinced that I’m overly sensitive to carbs and that I must stay away from them if there is any chance of me feeling better. I’m eating from the animal kingdom, like the complete opposite of vegan. I know this upsets many, but I promise I won’t eat your pets. You are free to follow my progress/failures and you can even disagree with what I do. Just remember that I will get the last word because it’s my blog, my channel, my life! That’s the new me talking! (I think I’m growing balls! Let me look… yes, I see one starting to grow!)


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