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What I’m Watching On TV Tonight 3/8 – Survivor: Game Changers

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survivor game changers season 34

NOTE:I still watch TV like in the olden days!  I don’t watch DVDs.  I don’t record stuff to watch later.  I don’t watch online.  I’m a dinosaur!  If you are too, hang out with me to see what I’m watching!

I’m so freaking excited!  I even went out and bought more beef in case I’m hungry during showtime.  Also took some chicken gizzards and hearts out of the freezer!  I have pretty much watched Survivor every season, but there were some seasons that I was not too much into it and would have the TV on but would work and not pay too much attention. But I must say, the past few seasons have me glued to the screen.  I think this season will be fantastic too.  Some of my favorite players are returning!

Survivor: Game Changers – Wednesday 3/8/17, 8:00pm – 10:00pm eastern on CBS (tv listings)

Twenty of the game’s biggest competitors return to play as the reality series begins its 34th season. In the opener, the castaways arrive at Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, where two of the game’s legends set their sights on one another and another player introduces “spy shack” 2.0.

image: cbs.com

source: tvguide.com


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