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Why I’m No Longer Scheduling a Saturday Night Quilt Video

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Five months ago, I started uploading a quilt video every Saturday night.  I didn’t miss a beat, even when I traveled.  There are two reasons I wanted to do this.

  1. I would be encouraged to make a new quilt (or continue a quilt series) so I’d have steady content every weekend.
  2. I wanted to test that weekend schedule to see how those videos would perform in youtube’s analytics.

After five months, I feel I’ve done enough to satisfy both my reasons for why I put that task on my schedule (I’m practicing enoughability, which I talk about in this post).

Yes, I’ve proven over and over again that I can provide content on a regular basis.  I think over 2,000 videos in 5.5 years speaks for itself. lol

I’ve also discovered that those videos are not performing as well as I’d like inside the youtube analytics.  I honestly think that uploading on a Saturday night is not the best time to upload.  I seem to do better with random uploads during the week… except for fabric unboxings.

Fabric unboxings seem to suck for me no matter what.  They simply don’t pay well at all.  It might be time to pull the plug on those for the overall health of my channel. Still thinking about that.

I will still be making the quilts along with designing quilt patterns. I simply will not have a scheduled night.  It’s going to be whenever I want and as often as I want.  I gave it 5 months to learn if it would work for me… and that is enough.

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