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Youtube Stats – Crumb Quilt Adventure Episodes 7 thru 9 plus Quick Tip Episode

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

In this series, I show you stats for some of my videos so you can see how youtube works for content creators.  Please remember, I am a very small youtuber compared to what is out there and my growth has been very slow.  But I don’t give up! I just keep going and make changes along the way.  Hopefully sharing my stats can help other content creators by showing them what they might be able to expect over the life of their channel.  I will be sharing videos that performed well and videos that fell flat. I hope you enjoy this series!

Playlist for this video series: Crumb Quilt Adventure
Previous stats for this series: Post 1Post 2Post 3

Videos we are exploring in this post:
Crumb Quilting Adventure – Sewing Vlog – I Make Mistakes | Ep. 7
Crumb Quilting Adventure – Making an Odd Shaped Block Square | Ep. 8
Crumb Quilting Quick Tip #1 – How to Quickly Finish a Block and Save the Scraps
Crumb Quilting Adventure – Recap for Those Struggling with Their Crumbs | Ep. 9

Video was uploaded on:
Episode 7 – Aug 25, 2017
Episode 8 – Aug 26, 2017
Quick Tip – Aug 27, 2017
Episode 9 – Aug 28, 2017

Date of this blog post: 1/6/20

Videos are over 2 years old at the time of this post.  All stats are up to the date of this post.

Episode 7 – 35,263
Episode 8 – 35,913
Quick Tip – 28,621
Episode 9 – 30,782

Watch time: 
Episode 7 – 4.3K hours
Episode 8 – 5.3K hours
Quick Tip – 1.5K hours
Episode 9 – 2.4K hours

Total earnings:
Episode 7 – $118.01
Episode 8 – $106.71
Quick Tip – $84.83
Episode 9 – $36.13

Earnings for the past 90 days:
Episode 7 – $15.91 (currently earning 17.7¢ per day)
Episode 8 – $8.52 (currently earning 9.5¢ per day)
Quick Tip – $10.87 (currently earning 12¢ per day)
Episode 9 – $10.06 (currently earning 11.1¢ per day)

What does this mean?

It’s hard to know what this means because youtube is suddenly having a reporting issue for January, 2017 through June 2018.  Yes, a 1½ year analytics glitch (see graph below).

It says reporting can be incorrect for that period and they are working on a fix.  So those horrible views, watch time and earnings might be higher than the numbers I showed you.  I hope!  I have no clue when this will be fixed, so I’m going with what I currently see inside my analytics.

I do know that people were not watching as much this late into the series. I remember my heart was sinking because my old subscribers were leaving like crazy.  I got lots of hate for the crumb quilt adventure.  I was pumping out a crumb quilt video almost every day and I was not uploading any of the funny stuff my subscribers were used to at that time.  The pissed off subbies were very vocal about it.

Yes, I gained lots of new subbies with this crumb quilt series. I thought, oh, cool!  But then many of them hated me when I stopped sewing and went back to the funny stuff.  In other words, subscribers only love you if you grant their every wish. There is no way I can always do that.  I’m not a fucking genie.

Since analytics are down for that period, I can’t see how many subs I gained and lost. I will double check the numbers if/when that mega glitch get fixed.

With all that said, the numbers above for the current 90 day earnings are correct.  That’s very sad. lol And I see I tucked a “quick tip #1” video in that series. I guess that was part of my never ending quest to create quick videos. There was no quick tip #2.

I hope I can wrap up this series next time with actual numbers!  I want very much to do stats for the entire series at the end, but I’d really love for the numbers to be correct, you know what I mean, jelly bean? How totally unfortunate that the analytics are messed up.  A year and a half of missing data. That’s quite the mess!

See that blue rectangle? That’s the year and a half that is missing.

At least I already got paid for all that. lol

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