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Youtube Stats – Crumb Quilt Adventure Episodes 3 thru 6

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

In this series, I show you stats for some of my videos so you can see how youtube works for content creators.  Please remember, I am a very small youtuber compared to what is out there and my growth has been very slow.  But I don’t give up! I just keep going and make changes along the way.  Hopefully sharing my stats can help other content creators by showing them what they might be able to expect over the life of their channel.  I will be sharing videos that performed well and videos that fell flat. I hope you enjoy this series!

This Crumb Quilt Adventure was very exciting to me waaaaaaay back when I was recording it.  It was the first time that I had videos getting lots of views as soon as I uploaded them.  But I’m discovering that the earnings are not what I expected. So I’m going to speed up this particular series so I can move on to other videos that I’m curious about.  I’ll do 4 episodes in this post then maybe I’ll wrap it up in two more posts.

Playlist for this series: Crumb Quilt Adventure

Videos we are exploring:
Crumb Quilting Adventure – Making More Crumb Quilt Blocks | Ep. 3
Crumb Quilting Adventure – More Strip Sets and Chain Piecing | Ep. 4
Crumb Quilting Adventure – New Piecing Technique plus Digital Quilt | Ep. 5
Crumb Quilting Adventure – New Piecing Technique – Easy Tiny Wonky Blocks | Ep. 6

Video was uploaded on:
Episode 3 – Aug 20, 2017
Episode 4 – Aug 22, 2017
Episode 5 – Aug 23, 2017
Episode 6 – Aug 24, 2017

Date of this post: 1/1/20

Videos are over 2 years old at the time of this post.  All stats are up to the date of this post.

Episode 3 – 51,319
Episode 4 – 47,869
Episode 5 – 66,782
Episode 6 – 60,835

Watch time: 
Episode 3 – 6.1K hours
Episode 4 – 9.4K hours
Episode 5 – 9.6K hours
Episode 6 – 7.7K hours

Total earnings:
Episode 3 – $172.33
Episode 4 – $154.18
Episode 5 – $228.30
Episode 6 – $207.83

Earnings for the past 90 days:
Episode 3 – $17.47 (currently earning 19.4¢ per day)
Episode 4 – $15.86 (currently earning 17.6¢ per day)
Episode 5 – $23.17 (currently earning 25.7¢ per day)
Episode 6 – $31.97 (currently earning 35.5¢ per day)

What does this mean?

This is flat out depressing. lol  And I can’t believe I was uploading almost daily.  I must have been spending all my time sewing, recording, swearing (but probably not on camera back then) and editing. I also can’t believe that I thought this series was a big success for me. It was in some ways.  It was my first big series, at least it felt very big for me at the time.  But it has not been a financial success.  At least not the first 6 episodes.  There are 6 more episodes to study, but I’m not very hopeful for those either.

I’ll be back with Episodes 7, 8 and 9 soon!  If you want to see the stats for the previous videos, click this tag then scroll down to see the previous posts.

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