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Hannaford Roadtrip – How much do you think I spent?

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UPDATE!  Thanks for all the guesses!  To end the mystery, I only spent $1.36 for all this… that includes the diapers!  I had a CVS coupon for a free bag of diapers so I only paid 40¢ tax on those. For everything else, I did transactions that were just a couple pennies over $1 or $2 and used either one or two Hannaford coupons to pay only just a few cents per transaction (you can use a $1 off Hannaford with a $1 off My Essentials for two items).  Anything that comes to exactly $1 (like two cans of veggies) is free!


I had to go to Portland Thursday for an appointment and I turned my journey into a Hannaford roadtrip (my second such roadtrip).

I stopped at 5 different Hannaford stores and did multiple teeny tiny transactions at each one. I used their $1 off coupons for every transaction.

The only thing I did not buy at Hannaford were the diapers.  But, when you guess how much I spent, you need to also include the diapers in your guess.

Here’s a list of what I got:

6 small cans of tomato paste

2 rolls of toilet paper

4 big cans of diced tomatoes

4 jars of concord grape preserves

2 dozen eggs

3 cans of green beans

3 cans of corn

4 cans of organic black beans

2 small boxes of spaghetti

4 boxes elbow macaroni

6 boxes mac & cheese

4 big cans of dog food

2 small cans of dog food

2 shakers of parmesan cheese

2 packets Kool-Aid

1 pack of Huggies from CVS

How much do you think I spent? Please post your guess on the facebook thread!


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