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I finally got to meet Chrystie Corns!

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Chrystie Corns is an extreme couponer who appeared on the TLC show Extreme Couponing.  She is also the person who changed my life.

If not for Chrystie, I would still be spending $200 plus a week on groceries and not even batting an eye over the bill.  Now I spend about $25 a week and I get to bank the rest! I only started couponing in May.

Saving all that money allowed me to buy three round trip tickets so I could fly to Mississippi and bring my granddaughter back to Maine with me for a two week visit, then fly her back. That was in July. I already have enough saved to do it all again in October. Even if that was the only perk I ever got from couponing, that would be enough. But there is more!

Saving all that money also gave me the freedom to change careers. I have been sewing and selling my plus size designs for over 11 years and I was really getting burned out.  I needed something different.  But starting a new career takes time, and I hated to be without income while starting something new.  And I didn’t really know what else I felt like doing.

Then came couponing!

Couponing was an instant addiction for me.  It allowed me to shop without spending much money.  It also got me out of the house. After spending 11 years at a sewing machine, even a trip to Shaw’s was exciting!  But I quickly got to the point where I didn’t need more food.  What was I going to do?  I wanted to shop and shop and shop, but I also needed to get back to making money.  I put two and two together and thought… hey, I can shop for those who are coupon challenged!

I am now a professional shopper!!!

I turned my sewing room in my daylight basement into my Stockpile Store. I advertised on craigslist and rounded up a steady stream of shoppers who come to my home by appointment to buy their groceries. They don’t have the time it takes to save by using coupons, so I get all the good deals and pass the savings on to them!

It’s all falling into place.  I’m saving tons of money. I’m also making money through my store. I’m able to have fun shopping for stuff I don’t even need (no one needs 120 boxes of Hamburger Helper… no one!). And I am free and financially able to bring my granddaughter to Maine whenever I want!

This change has been a good one.  I needed a change in my life BIG TIME and thanks to Chrystie, I found it.

Oh, as for meeting Chrystie, she was in Sanford tonight teaching a couponing course. I signed up for her class to thank her in person for all she does. She is just as sweet as I thought she’d be. I only hope she understands just how much she helped me!

Thank you Chrystie Corns!

Please visit Chrystie’s website and “like” her on facebook! Tell her Darlene sent you!!!


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