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I paid only $5.58 for all this: 3 gallons milk, almost 8 lbs potatoes, 6 yogurts, 4 Powerades and more – Shaw’s reduced sections ROCK!

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I took a little walk around Shaw’s tonight to check out their reduced sections. This has become one of my favorite things to do! I get such good deals by shopping for stuff that needs to find a good home :O)

We have needed milk for about a week now, but I insisted on holding out for a great deal (yes, I torture my mother like that). The reduced dairy section finally had lots of goodies tonight (it has been empty for about a week) so I was able to pick up super cheap milk (drink up, mom!), cheap tea, and nearly free yogurt. The potatoes were from the reduced produce section for a fraction of the cost. But, I was most excited about the milk (so was my mother).

Here is the complete breakdown along with the coupons I used:

Milk marked down to $1.50 per gallon in reduced dairy (best by Oct 1, I will pour into quart jugs and freeze it) – I used (3) $1.00 off any milk coupons (got those in the mail) and got the three gallons for only 50¢ each!  3 Gallons Milk: $1.50

Swiss Tea (Ooops! It’s Turkey Hill Tea!!!) marked down to $1.00 in reduced dairy (on its last day, but it’s tea, I’m not worried if it goes past by a few days) –  I used (1) 75¢ off Swiss tea (from an insert, this coupon does not double, starts with 9) so I paid 25¢. UPDATE: I just went to my refrigerator and I see that I bought Turkey Hill Sweet Tea, not Swiss Tea! I think I saw Sweet Tea and was thinking Swiss! However, the coupon still scanned with no beeping.  I wonder why??? I feel like an idiot! Half Gallon Tea: 25¢

Yoplait Yogurt marked down to 35¢ each in reduced dairy (best by Oct 1, if I don’t eat them in time I freeze in ziplock bags and use for smoothies) – I used (2) $1/3 Yoplait Yogurt coupons (no longer available, you should have printed them when I said to!) so I paid 5¢ for 3 yogurts (last week they were 30¢ and would have been free… oh well, I’ll live). Oh, I left 6 more there in case YOU want them! 6 Yogurts: 10¢

Potatoes marked down to 29¢ per pound in reduced produce (they are as fresh as ever) – no coupon for those. 7.75 lbs potatoes: $2.44

Powerade on sale for $1 each – I used 75¢/2 Powerade coupons which doubled (the coupons are right there with the powerade!) so I paid 50¢ for two. 4 Powerades: $1.00

Pasta regular price $1.29 – I used (1) $1/1 Essential coupon from the Fresh for Fall coupon book at Shaw’s. 1 box of Pasta: 29¢

So, there you have it folks! If you clip coupons and search for the deals, you can save lots of money on real food! And this is not something I do once in a blue moon… I shop like this all the time!  One day I might pick up cheap meat. Another day I might get reduced bread. Then there are the days that I shop for my stockpile and buy more dog bones than any dog needs.

Anyone can save money with coupons… if you learn do it right! Subscribe to my blog and I’ll teach you how!


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5 comments to I paid only $5.58 for all this: 3 gallons milk, almost 8 lbs potatoes, 6 yogurts, 4 Powerades and more – Shaw’s reduced sections ROCK!

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  • Jan Mullen

    Great job!!! I always check the reduced/clearance areas of my local shaws. I have gotten some great deals that way. I also will freeze my milk especially now that we no longer have any kids in the house. Keep up the great posts! Thanks Jan

  • Paige

    how do you get milk coupons in the mail? I always check out the clearance racks … I just finished stocking up on powerade, great deal, better when they were 88. Only problem was everytime i had to argue about coupon because it didn’t double only 25 off but they fixed it. So excited for coming week!

    • Deals by Darlene

      I can’t remember what I signed up for to get the milk coupons, but I got them in my name, my mother’s name and my husband’s name. I should have also signed up the dogs! LOL And I had the same issue with the powerade coupons not doubling the right way but they fixed it for me. Now I just realized that the Tea I bought WASN’T Swiss, but Turkey Hill! OMG… the coupon still worked!