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My mini shopping trip at CVS tonight – I paid only $1.25 – but I missed the beginning of the Amazing Race!

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I ran over to CVS tonight to pick up a few things. It should have been a 10 minute shopping trip. Instead, it turned into an hour long ordeal and I had to miss the beginning of the Amazing Race!

I had some Extra Bucks to spend. I had one $10 Extra Buck and four 99¢ Extra Bucks… so, $13.96 total over several CVS cards.

When I walked in, I spotted some Colgate toothpaste with an incredible sale price of only $2 each. This was not advertised (because it was a boo boo, read on), but I knew I had coupons in my inserts at home. I went home, cut the coupons and went back (which made me late for my show!!! also, there was another couponer in front of me with tons of stuff… I waited with a smile and watched the clock tick).

Transaction on one CVS card:

I picked up 5 tubes of toothpaste at $2 each for a total of $10 (get $5 Extra Bucks when you spend $10 on that particular toothpaste). I used (5) $1.00 off coupons so my cost was $5.00.

I also picked up St. Joseph aspirin using a rain check. The rain check price was $2 and I used (1) $1 off coupon (get $1 EB) so my cost was $1.00.

Then I grabbed 2 boxes of Excedrin on sale for 99¢ each (get 99¢ back, limit 2). No coupons so my cost was $1.98.

I also picked up 2 Ajax dish soaps on sale for 88¢ each and used (1) $1/2 coupon so my cost was 76¢.

Last but not least, I got 1 jug of laundry soap on sale for $1.49. No coupons so my cost was $1.49.

That brought me to $10.23 before tax. I paid using my $10 Extra Bucks so my out of pocket total including tax was $1.10 and I got $7.98 Extra Bucks for next time!

NOTE: You can’t copy transaction above because the toothpaste was NOT on sale for $2 each. They rang up at $4.99 each. But since they made a boo boo and had a sale tag under the toothpaste display, and since I made a trip home to get coupons for that toothpaste, they offered to let me have them for $2 each!  I didn’t even have to ask, beg, or cry! What a lucky deal I got on that toothpaste, and I sooooo needed sensitive toothpaste in my stockpile :O)

Transactions on 2 other CVS cards:

As for the other 4 boxes of Excedrin, I bought 2 boxes each on two other CVS cards.  Those were 99¢ each and I paid using four 99¢ Extra Bucks. I got four 99¢ Extra Bucks in return. I just love it when I can roll Extra Bucks over and get something FREE and get the Extra Bucks back for the next time! Total out of pocket was just 15¢ tax (for some reason, they charged me 10¢ for two boxes but then only 5¢ tax on the other two… tax with coupons can be funny that way).

My total out of pocket for everything in the photo including tax was $1.25 and I have $11.94 in Extra Bucks for the next time!!!

If you think this is complicated… IT IS!!!  Learning the drugstore ropes takes time, but it’s so worth it in the end. Each week I get anywhere from $20 to $40 worth of stuff at CVS and I usually only pay a couple bucks out of pocket. I pay using Extra Bucks and only try to buy stuff that will give me Extra Bucks in return. It’s fun!!!


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