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Paid $27.86 for $192.19 worth of groceries at Shaw’s – give the dog a bone!

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One thing I hate to run out of is dog bones (my dogs hate it too!). So, when I came across this Milk Bone deal (see below), I just had to buy all the boxes I had coupons for!

The other very exciting thing for me was the Willow Tree chicken salad. I printed coupons for Willow Tree for the first three months of my couponing career, but I never found a sale to go along with the coupons so I finally stopped printing them (that chicken salad is $3.99 for half a pound, and the coupons are $2 off, but $1.99 for half a pound is still too much!).

A few nights ago I saw Willow Tree in the reduced deli section with stickies for $2 off, but I didn’t have any coupons to go with it. I printed off two coupons when I got home with the hopes of finding that deal again. And tonight, I did!  With my $2 off on top of the $2 off stickies, I got two tubs (one pound total) for FREE!  I love FREE!

I’m too beat to give the step by step breakdown for Shaw’s (I did CVS tonight too, you can see that breakdown here), but I will point out highlights.

One shining moment was the Milk Bone dog biscuits. About 2 weeks ago, someone at Walmart was handing out pet food coupons. She saw my shoebox of coupons and said she would be tossing all the coupons that she had left so she offered to give them ALL to me!  Of course, I took them.  I got a bunch of coupons that gave me $2 off 2 boxes of Milk Bones and a bunch of $1.50 off kitten food. I only bought 5 bags of the cat food to bring my total over $25 and I’ll wait for a sale to hopefully get more for free… too bad I don’t have a cat!

Anyhoo… I was THRILLED to see the Milk Bones on sale B1G1 free! The price was $3.89, so after my $2 off 2, I got the boxes for 95¢ each! And that’s not the end of it… some of the boxes of had coupons for a FREE bag of Soft & Chewy bones when you buy 2 boxes of any Milk Bone product. Those bags of soft bones were $3.29 each, but I got 12 bags for FREE because I bought 24 boxes of Milk Bones! Did I mention I love FREE?

I also got a great deal on meat. Each pack of chicken had $3 off stickies and the pork had $2 off so I saved $8 on the meat. I got all that meat for only $6.95 (and don’t forget about that free chicken salad!).

In all, I got:

24 boxes Milk Bone dog biscuits

12 bags Soft & Chewy dog bones

5 bags Purina kitten food

2 family packs of chicken

1 pack of pork

2 boxes toaster pastries

3 individual packs salad dressing

4 bags potato chips

2 tubs Willow Tree chicken salad

I did this in two transactions. Besides my regular coupons, I also had a $5 off $25 coupon. And, I see that I ended up getting an overage on those free bags of soft bones which went toward the rest of my bill. Those dog bones were on sale, but they deducted the full price so I made 46¢ per bag! That happens sometimes, even at Shaw’s! They say no overages, but if it scans that way, they go with the flow!

Total before sale prices and coupons was $192.19 but I only paid $27.86!

And get this… I really got all this for FREE because I used my FREE Shaw’s gift cards to pay it off!

And now, I’m officially tired. Oh, that Willow Tree chicken salad is awesome! Too bad I’ll never be willing to pay for it :O)


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