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Possible FREE Willow Tree Chicken Salad at the Sanford Shaw’s – maybe in other Shaw’s too!

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As I mentioned in my previous post about my recent Shaw’s shopping trip, I’ve been trying to get a good deal on Willow Tree Chicken Salad for almost 5 months… and I finally did! That’s if you consider FREE a good deal.

You might be able to get FREE Willow Tree Chicken Salad too!  On three different days during the past week, Shaw’s in Sanford has had Willow Tree in the reduced deli section priced at $3.99 but with a $2 OFF stickie. That brings the price down to $1.99.

If you print and use this coupon along with the stickie, you will get the chicken salad for FREE!

$2 off 1/2 pound of Willow Tree Chicken Salad – no direct link for this one, so click on the food tab to find it.

Note: the tubs are really just 7.5 ounces, not quite half a pound, but the Sanford Shaw’s totally accepts the coupon for it. They had about 8 tubs last night and I only bought two, so there might be some left… for FREE! The best by date on those were 9/28. If they are gone, keep checking the reduced deli section each time you shop! Or you can go ahead and pay $1.99 if not in the reduced section… but that would make me sad :O(  FREE is much better :O)


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