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Why I bought $600 worth of Gulf gas cards at Shaw’s

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I just love, love, LOVE getting FREE stuff!  And thanks to a gift card promotion that Shaw’s had last week, I will be able to get FREE food… lots of it!

Shaw’s just had a deal where if you bought $100 in gift cards, you got a $10 Shaw’s gift card for FREE!  A $10 Shaw’s gift card goes a loooooong way with me.  I can buy SO MUCH STUFF for $10 by matching coupons to sales.  I wanted some of those FREE Shaw’s gift cards.  I did.  I really, really did.

I decided that since I easily save $600 a month on groceries and household items, I’d spend $600 of my savings on Gulf gas cards. I’m going to buy gas anyway, right?  By doing that, I got $60 worth of Shaw’s gift cards that I can use toward my groceries! That FREE money will go a long way for me because I will still shop for bargains and use coupons. Just because I got free money does not mean I will pay full price for anything!

Now I have enough gas for probably a year, that’s if I do only my usual traveling. And I know I can stretch that $60 worth of FREE food (along with the $20 Shaw’s gave me just for being me) to last me two months, maybe even three months. That means no more out of pocket spending for me for awhile, not at Shaw’s and certainly not on gas!

Once you start extreme couponing, you will quickly realize just how far $10 can go.  It’s amazing!!!  Some people might think it’s crazy to dish out $600 on gas just to get $60 in return. But remember, that $60 is FREE MONEY! And when you shop like I do, you can build a nice stockpile for sixty bucks! And when you save like I do, you will have $600 to spend on gas cards! It’s a win, win!


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