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Why you should always shop with all your coupons – you might get FREE milk!

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I ran over to Shaw’s today to pick up some cereal during their Kellogg’s sale. While I was there, I checked out the reduced dairy section.  How excited I was to find half gallons of Garelick Farms milk marked down to $1 each!

I knew I had $.50/1 coupons for that milk, and since I always carry ALL my coupons when I shop, I was able to pick up 2 half gallons for FREE after my coupons doubled!

I just wish I would have had room in my freezer for more milk (yes, you can freeze milk), but I had to stop at 2 half gallons. Had I not had my coupons with me, I would have missed out on that deal!

Want to know what else I got?  I got some good stuff super cheap!!!  It includes:

9 boxes of cereal, and the boxes of cereal had peelies on them for 1 FREE bag of Marshmallows if I buy 2 cereals, so I also got…

4 free bags of Kraft Marshmallows (it was a good day for my mother because two of her favorite things are marshmallows and Milky Way bars that I got FREE at CVS)

2 free half gallons of milk (I’m still tickled about that!)

2 boxes of pasta

4 bags of Goldfish crackers

and some other stuff.

My cereal was almost FREE because I had store coupons that doubled and stacked those with manufacturer coupons!

I ended up with $63.42 worth of groceries for only… ta da… $2.06!

I’ve only been doing this for 4 months.  If I can do this, YOU can do this too!!! Just start small. Stick around and I’ll teach you :O)


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