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General Mills cereal as low as 18 CENTS per box at Shaw’s

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Shaw’s has a sale on certain General Mills items where if you buy 5, you will get them for $1.88 each.

If you have the right coupons, you can get some really cheap cereal! I bought 5 boxes tonight for only 18¢ each. That’s 5 boxes for only 90¢ total!

I already printed my coupons so I can’t tell if there are any left. Look on the sites below for coupons for Total, Kix, Chex, Cookie Crisp, Trix or Cinnamon Toast Crunch that are either $.85/1 or $.75/1 (click on the food tab to make them easier to find). Even if you can only find $.50/1, that is still a good deal. Remember, anything under $1 will double.

You will need 5 coupons total, so you may need to use 2 computers if there is not enough variety.

Buy 5 boxes of cereal. Make sure you pick cereals that are part of the GM deal (they are marked) so when you buy 5, you will get them for $1.88 each (must have your Shaw’s card).

Use 5 coupons. Make sure at least one coupon is for a different cereal or a different value because only 4 like coupons will double. After the coupons double…

You will get an awesome deal!

There are many ways to do this deal, but I bought 4 boxes of Kix and used (4) $.85/1 Kix and 1 box of Total and used (1) $.85/1 Total and after the coupons doubled I got them for only 18¢ each! That is stockpile price. I’m going back for more tomorrow with my $.75/1 coupons. That will make them 38¢ a box… still awesome!

This deal runs through Thursday, October 6. But don’t delay, they can sell out!

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