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My Shaw’s shoping trip – took advantage of the General Mills sale!

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First, I totally apologize for the lazy photo I took. I was just too tired to set up for a pic. And the refrigerated stuff I bought is not even in the picture. Nor is the soda. And now I see that not all the cereal boxes are there either! I do not do couponing justice! Oh, well…

First, let me tell you what I bought, then I’ll tell you what I paid:

27 boxes of cereal

13 bags of chex mix, bugles and gardetto’s

20 boxes of nature valley granola bars

2 packages of toilet paper, 18 rolls per pack

8 bottles of polar soda

2 cans of coffee

4 yogurts

3 half gallons of juice

3 pounds of apples

1 pound of radishes

2 bags of cole slaw mix

4 pounds of carrots

The total before discounts and coupons was $374.90.

I paid… drum roll please… $36.72!
And I have a $3 catalina for next time!

I saved 95% – and that includes produce that I bought without coupons!


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