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Hannaford has nothing new for us this week… which is typical for Hannaford

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If you are signed up for Hannaford’s weekly email, you already know that they are not offering us any new store coupons this week, at least none that I can find.

No catalina coupon for scanning your Hannaford sticker (none last week either so poo poo to that)

No extended date on the meat and deli coupons (I expected these would not be extended since football is over tomorrow)

However, you can still print and use the previous $1 off meat and $2 off deli coupons through 2/11.

Also, if you are signed up with SavingStar, you always have to scan your Hannaford sticker to get your credit. And they don’t ask if you have a sticker. You are forced to remember to give it to the cashier… ho hum.

And one last thing… seems like Hannaford has two coupon policies on their site. This Hannaford coupon policy gives very little information and does not cover the topic of coupon stacking. This Hannaford coupon policy states no coupon stacking. Go figure.


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4 comments to Hannaford has nothing new for us this week… which is typical for Hannaford

  • thrifty007

    Darlene, you are so right about Hannaford. I Love Hannaford, but seriously, when it comes to Hannaford and coupons…LAME! The other day I went there and picked up a bunch of things. The cashier was dumbfounded when things were ringing up free and she stopped and waited and read the coupon 4 or 5 times. She turned her light on, wanted a manager, and second guessed herself. All the while I waited…waited…..waited…and then she decided to go ahead with it and couldn’t see anything wrong with it. Seriously, it was so annoying. Hannaford needs to compete with the other stores offering coupons on a regular basis. They are a great store, and I do like them, BUT you will NOT find any reduced dairy, produce or bakery items in Hannaford. Sadness! Anyway, Darlene, I think it’s good to put a post up like this once in a while and put a little pressure on Hannaford. They need to get their game on! 🙂 

  • Meg in Gorham

    I’m very surprised and saddened to read this Darlene. Your website and Facebook page came highly recommended and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following your $12 Challenge. Please keep your support for couponing positive. Hannaford may not be coupon friendly(make it easy) however they have a greater goal which is to bring the retail price down on all their products as low as they can so their customers can save in a one stop shop. Who wouldn’t appreciate saving gas money and time from young to old. If you’ll notice, their retail prices on most items beat out WalMart and Target every day retail prices. They also pride themselves regarding customer service. A few times, the weekly store Catalina didn’t print as it should or I wasn’t properly credited for coupons I handed over and they w/o question made sure I was happy. Their 10/11 Policy stating no stacking is the most current.

    • Anonymous

      Meg, I don’t think you get my sense of humor :O)  I shop at Hannaford almost every day. But, they do have a long way to go to get to where the other stores are as far as coupons go. Things like not stacking a manny Q with a store Q… that’s just silly. But, one of these days they will catch on. I knew some people would read this and think I’m picking on Hannaford. Sometimes I just take that chance and say whatever I feel like saying. I don’t mean to sadden anyone.

  • Seapup24

    You are soo right! A few months ago I had coupons for $1 off any Vicks (did NOT exclude trials) and so I found Vick’s cough drops there for 99 cents. They refused the coupon. The wouldn’t even mark it down to 99 cents (like Market Basket did when I brought them there!). SOOO un-coupon friendly!
    Another story, I had two completely free item coupons that I needed to use one day and I live right down the road from Sanford’s Hannaford so I ran in and picked up JUST those two items. The cashier, who I KNOW has been there forever admitted to me that she had never had that happen in a transaction. Completely free… Which really made me think how, really, most couponers don’t coupon there because (as you said in your piece) they are just NOT a good place to coupon! Why would we when Shaw’s is so great to us!!!