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If Shaw’s is out of Cheerios, remember to ask for a rain check at the GM sale price

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I know lots of couponers are reporting that their Shaw’s are out of Cheerios and other items that are part of the General Mills Buy 10, Get $5 Instant Savings sale.  I want to remind you that you can get a rain check and still get the GM sale price on your items!

Here’s how…

Be sure you tell the person writing your rain check that you would have purchased 10 items to get the GM sale price. For instance, if you were shopping for cereal and just cereal, and if they didn’t have any of the cereal you wanted, have them write the raincheck as “must buy 10 boxes of Cheerios at $1.49 each, 4 pb, 4 multi grain, 2 dulce de leche” (or whatever) so you can still get 10 FREE boxes of Cheerios with your coupons later!

If you don’t ask for the rain check in batches of 10, like if you ask for just 2 boxes of Peanut Butter Cheerios, you are supposed to get the normal sale price of $1.99, not the GM price of $1.49, so try to find at least 10 items that are not in stock!

Here’s another tip for you!  Let’s say for whatever reason you can’t print the coupons now, or can’t print enough for 10 boxes (like if you only have one computer). If your store is out of cereal, go get a rain check for 10 boxes because new coupons might come out at the beginning of the month and you’ll have more coupons and an awesome rain check to match them too.  I have actually hoped to find cleared shelves on certain items just so I could get a rain check for later when I knew I’d have shiny new coupons to use on them :O)


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3 comments to If Shaw’s is out of Cheerios, remember to ask for a rain check at the GM sale price

  • Jen

    Thanks for suggesting this! Will the $5 promo from GM still come off the total once I get my raincheck items? Thanks!

    • Deals by Darlene

      You need to tell them you want the lower GM price when they write the rain check. You will have to have the rain check be for 10 items in all to get the lower price.

  • Patricia

    I am so glad that I found your blog.  I have been looking for a Shaw’s forum for such a long time.
    Thank you so much for this service.