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Sign up now on Que Rica Vida so you can print coupons for the GM sale at Shaw’s

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

If you plan on shopping the $5 Instant Savings GM sale at Shaw’s (read about it here), you will want to print the coupons on the Que Rica Vida site. The site is in Spanish so it can be difficult to sign up.  Below are some instructions to help you get through it.

In case you are wondering… yes, you can use these coupons because they print out in both Spanish and English! And the best thing is this site provides additional prints! That means if you already printed from bettycrocker.com or pillsbury.com (both powered by coupons.com), you can still print on Que Rica Vida and get even more coupons!

You might want print all the coupons before the print limits run out (they do run out on that site).  There are not too many, usually only about 12 coupons total, and I see at quick glance that a lot of them will come in handy for the sale. Be sure you also check page 2 for more coupons. The expiration date goes out 30 days from time you print. You get 2 prints per computer.

Click here to start

On the next page click on Registrate on the top right

Fill out the information
must pick Senor (Mr) Senora (Mrs) or Senorita (Miss)
Nombre = First name
Apellido = last name
Codigo Postal = zip
Fecha de nacimiento = Birthday: Mes (month) Dia (day) Ano (year)
Correo Electronico = email
Clave = password
Then click Enviar

Then click on the Ahorros tab at the top of the page. The coupons should load.

Select your coupons then click Imprimir Cupones to print.

If you get logged out, next time you visit click on Ya eres miembro Ingresa at the right top of the page then enter email and contrasena is your password then click on Ingresar.


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