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$2 OFF Hannaford Coupon has been extended to 3/30

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UPDATE: The $2 off coupon has been changed to $2 off $15 purchase with an expiration date of 3/25.  If you need the original coupon, email me.

You know what?  I remembered that the Hannaford recipe contest ran until March 24, yet the coupon expired March 21.  That did not make sense to me. How could they let someone still enter the contest and give them an expired coupon?

So, I checked the link to the $2 OFF coupon and the date has been extended!  It’s the very same link, just a different date.  We now have until March 30!

NOTE: if you still see the old expiration date, switch your browser to IE.


$2 OYNO Hannaford Coupon


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2 comments to $2 OFF Hannaford Coupon has been extended to 3/30

  • Globug91

    In Biddeford, we had coupons that were $2.00 off with a minimum purchase of $2.00. This one says minimum of $15.00. Still a good coupon though. Thanx for sharing.