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5 Things You Never Need to Know About Me

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1.  I have never seen the movie E.T.

2.  I have not used a dishwasher since the 70’s, even though I’ve always had one (I like to wash by hand).

3.  I love thunder and lightning and would rather have a good storm than sunshine.

4.  I sort of like the smell of skunk. Okay, I flat out like the smell of skunk.

5.  I did not name my son until he was almost a week old because I could not pick a name (I ended up picking Derrick).


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2 comments to 5 Things You Never Need to Know About Me

  • Patricia

    1. You did not miss much not having seen ET.  I hated it.
    2. I use a dishwasher because if I don’t my husband gets strep throat.
    3. I also love lightning and thunder.
    4. I also love the smell of skunk and can smell it about 5 minutes before any one else in the car does.
    5. I had names chosen for my children before I was even married.
    6. I go through sneakers so fast I have to buy a pair at least once a year.
    7. My brother puts 2-3 different dressings on his salad.  I like vinaigrettes.  One of my sons and his wife put no dressing at all on their salad!
    8. Baby talk was my first language, and I’m really good at Pig Latin. Sometimes I find it amazing that I learned to speak at all.  I didn’t speak until I was 4 because I had older siblings who did everything for me.  Doctors told my parents that I just didn’t have anything to say.
    9. I make a mean Moussaka and love eggplant.  It has to be cooked the right way or it is gross.  Need a good recipe?
    10. I don’t own a clothes hamper.  We just through the clothes into a basket at the bottom of the stairs. We use a small basket to make it more interesting.