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** CHEAP ** Xtra Laundry Detergent only $1.49 at CVS – NO Coupon needed – See how you can double it!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

CVS has their little jugs of Xtra laundry detergent, 28 loads, on sale this week for $1.49, no coupon needed!  They have this sale every now and then and when they do, I use up any ExtraBucks I have on hand and stock up!

Frugal Tip – Double Your Detergent

You can double your Xtra detergent to get more for your money by cutting the detergent with water and adding Borax or Arm & Hammer Washing Soda to the mix (find those in the detergent aisle, both are cheap at Walmart, around $3-ish per box).

  • Pour half the jug of detergent into another equal size jug
  • Add 1/2 cup of Borax or Washing Soda to each jug
  • Add a couple squirts of any dish soap to each jug
  • Fill each jug with water then turn a few times to mix

That’s all there is to it!  You just turned one jug of detergent into two and got double for your money! You will be tempted to use more detergent because it’s watered down, but don’t. Just use your normal amount. The Borax or Washing Soda adds the cleaning boost you need and the dish soap gives you the suds you desire :O)

If you find that your Borax or Washing Soda clumps, next time you can dilute it first in a cup of hot water then add to the jug. I always turn the jug to mix each time before I use it. You can also toss a little scrap of bar soap in the jug if you like. Great way to use up those scraps of soap!


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