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I had a blast passing out coupons at Hannaford tonight!

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I had so much fun handing out coupons at Hannaford tonight. The coupons from the Hannaford booklet that came out last fall are expiring next week, so I want to make sure every single one that I have left gets put to good use. Tonight, I hung out at the registers at Hannaford (yes, coupon geek) and passed coupons out to everyone who had Hannaford and/or My Essential items.  I also brought lots of $2 off coupons with me too and handed those to everyone I could find.

During one of my trips through the register, I had a woman directly in front of me and a young couple directly behind me. Their purchases were small, which was perfect because it made the coupons look more impressive. The woman in front of me had a total of $4.15 and had one My Essential item so I gave her $2 off and $1 off and she ended up at $1.15 and you would have thought she won the lottery! The couple behind me had a higher total, $7.53, but I was able to get it down to $4.53 with a $1 off and the $2 off. They were equally happy.

I also passed out coupons to shoppers in the store and even ran into another couponer who follows my blog!  And I also saw my couponing cousin!  On my way out, I spotted the woman who was so happy to get her total down to $1.15 and I gave her more coupons to help her out over her next few transactions. That got me a bear hug and a big old kiss on the cheek!  LOL  She really was sweet.


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1 comment to I had a blast passing out coupons at Hannaford tonight!

  • Ldelorme

    I did that with the last bunch of Hannaford coupons. I wasn’t going to use the $3 off $40 so I handed those out to everyone in the store who had more than $40 worth of stuff in their carts. They were thrilled 🙂